The Homeward Youth Training Philosophy

Young athletes need developmentally appropriate programs and experienced coaches.  We have over five years of ongoing strength and conditioning experience with athletes as young as 10.

Today, many youth athletes specialize in a single sport at a very young age. We complement sport-specific training by improving overall strength, conditioning, and agility. Our programming focuses on building the foundational movements necessary for a successful experience in weightlifting and sport. Midline stabilization (core work), single leg/arm movements, and static holds complement the larger lifts (squat, deadlift, overhead press) used in youth training in order to develop well-rounded young athletes. We also analyze movement patterns, in order to ascertain muscle imbalances and patterns of compensations. When we find such areas of weakness, we train the athletes in a manner that minimizes these discrepancies. We push every athlete to do their very best. At CrossFit Homeward, it’s about being better than yesterday.

Crossfit Homeward's Youth Programs also focus on developmentally appropriate expectations of our athletes. Upper Elementary School focuses on body weight exercises and conditioning workouts. Middle School athletes begin with bodyweight and progress to weighted work as their abilities improve. Participants have to earn the right to use barbells. It’s a privilege earned, not given. High School athletes that have trained with us over the years participate in more focused strength cycles and more difficult agility and power-development exercises. High school athletes that are new to strength training are carefully coached, monitored, and developed until they are ready to join the more experienced lifters. Our programming is also adjusted to each athlete's sport-specific season in order to ensure that athletes are neither over, nor under, trained. 

Every athlete is different—biomechanics, athleticism, and mental toughness.  Some believe you either you have “it” or you don’t. We believe that through hard work and perseverance, athletes can achieve high levels of performance.

Youth Programs

CrossFit Homeward Summer Camp

Hi Families! CrossFit Homeward is excited to announce SUMMER CAMPS for youth athletes aged 9-15! Summer in Chapel Hill can be brutally hot and humid which makes training difficult. Come get out of the sun and join your friends in our 6000 sq ft indoor facility. We specialize in strength, speed, and injury prevention.

Summer Camp Sessions are 1 week long with 4 hours of daily training and fun, from 12:30-4:30pm.  

Camp Weeks are:

•August 6-10, 13-17

Camp Options & Price:

  • Strength and Conditioning Camp $200
  • Strength and Conditioning PLUS Baseball $225

There are 2 age groups:

  • Intermediate 9-11 year old
  • Advanced 11-15 year old

Below is a sample schedule

Daily Schedule:

  • 12:30-1:00pm Arrive, eat, stretch, get ready for the fun.
  • 1:00-1:30 Body Awareness, Muscle Activation, Warm Up
  • 15-minute break We recommend the kids have a snack to maintain fuel for the afternoon.
  • 1:45-3:15 Skill Work, Strength Work, Agility Training, Pool, Trail Running, Etc
  • 3:30-4:00 Running Technique, Sprint Work, Climbing
  • 4:00 4:30 Cool down, mobility, meditation, and the ever-popular dodgeball, water balloon games.

All coaches who work with the children have had a background check and thorough interview process with management. Safety is our number one concern.

Patrick Currin

Patrick is joining us on MWF, to provide Baseball Training to players or novices.  If you would like more than 3 days of baseball, contact Patrick for more dates.

Select all weeks you would like your child to attend. We will need 10 kids to offer the session. 

 CrossFit Homeward boasts retractable baseball nets which allow for strength training and baseball specific training to occur simultaneously!  

CrossFit Homeward boasts retractable baseball nets which allow for strength training and baseball specific training to occur simultaneously!  

Small Group High School and College Prep Strength and Conditioning


It is not easy making the jump from High School Athlete to a Collegiate Athlete. We are here to give you the athletic advantage over your competition. We been coaching high performance athletes for over 5 years. Our athletes return to the sports they love stronger, faster, injury resistant, and confident. Working in a peer group makes hard work more fun and keeps the competitive spirit alive.

This group is led by by former Appalachian State running back Sage Holley. Sage is from Chapel Hill and recently returned home (and to Homeward). 

We understand how busy summers can be and want you to have the flexibility to select the best times for your family.  Small groups allow more flexibility in scheduling because you will work directly with the coaches on scheduling sessions.

Cost for Small Group Training is $130 per athlete per month.

Please fill out this form to begin training

She is Fierce: Girls' Strength and Conditioning

Class Times

  • Sunday 11:30-12:30p
  • Monday 5:30-6:30p
  • Wednesday 5:30-6:30p

A girls-only strength and conditioning program open to 7th-10th graders (ish). This program, led entirely by women for women, will focus on the basics of proper lifting technique and strength training with age-appropriate programming. Progressing from unweighted body-awareness and proper movement fundamentals into weighted exercises and the use of kettlebells, barbells, medicine balls and more, the girls will be instructed and led to knowledgeably, comfortably, and authoritatively work out in a free-weight environment.

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