Youth Programming

Currin-Benjamin Baseball & Strength Camp

Homeward is proud to announce the Fall 2017 chapter of the Currin-Benjamin Baseball Strength Camp for the area's High School and Middle School baseball players!  This camp will consist of baseball skill training by Patrick Currin every Sunday and Homeward strength and conditioning training 3 times a week.  

This camp runs from September 10-October 19 and focuses on everything developing baseball players need to take their skills to the next level.

Cost: $360 by check ($370 by Credit/Debit) 

Youth Athletic Development

Youth Athletic Development.jpg

(Spring session starts beginning of March 2017. Summer session starts at beginning of June 2017.)

This program allows athletes to continue with training in or out of season. Classes are built to enhance participants' athletic abilities to their maximum levels by focusing on:

  • strength
  • agility
  • reactivity
  • explosiveness

Athletes of rising 6th-12th grade of all skill level and sports are welcome.

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Power Cycle 1

Tom Back Squat.jpg

(Camp starts beginning of June 2017.)

Crossfit Homeward is beginning our first of many Powerlift Cycles for our area’s high schoolers!  This program will focus on establishing a strong foundation of proper form and balanced muscular recruitment that will help build strength for all sports and general health.  This program is ideal for any high schoolers who love getting stronger, building muscle, competing, or learning proper technique to be able to lift safely.

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She is Fierce: Girls' Strength and Conditioning


A girls-only strength and conditioning program open to 7th-10th graders (ish). This program, led entirely by women for women, will focus on the basics of proper lifting technique and strength training with age-appropriate programming. Progressing from unweighted body-awareness and proper movement fundamentals into weighted exercises and the use of kettlebells, barbells, medicine balls and more, the girls will be instructed and led to knowledgeably, comfortably, and authoritatively work out in a free-weight environment.

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