Saturday, March 25, 2017


Crossfit Homeward Trainer Hugh Swaso and his band, Skinny Bag of Sugar, will be playing live music for our final Open WOD celebration and charity event! 

Come complete the final workout of the Crossfit Open 2017 while your gym-mates cheer you on to live music selected from the playlist Homeward members suggested! There will be a raffle with awesome prizes and tables set up by local businesses. All proceeds from donations and raffle tickets will benefit our selected charities (NC Special Olympics and Carolina Adopt-A-Bull).

Please bring your friends and family so they can see the area's most popular band perform live while checking out what Crossfit is all about -also feel free to challenge your guests to try the workout!


10 Rounds for Time (40min cap):
 - 9 Thrusters (95/65, 65/45)
 - 35 Double Unders (Sc. Single Unders)

Rx (Ages 16-54): 
Men - 95#, Doubles / Women - 65#, Doubles
Scaled (Ages 16-54): Men - 65#, Singles / Women - 45#, Singles
Teens (Ages 14-15): Boys - 65#, Doubles / Girls - 45#, Doubles
Teens Scaled (Ages 14-15): Boys - 45#, Singles / Girls - 35#, Singles
Masters 55+: Men - 65#, Doubles / Women - 45#, Doubles
Masters 55+ Scaled: Men - 45#, Singles / Women - 35#, Singles

If you are signed up for the Intramural Charity Event, we can scale further to accommodate any athlete. Talk with the coaches who are present and we can make sure you get a great workout.

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