Thursday, November 10, 2016


Hey everyone, don't forget that you can work out for free through until November 15 and that we have a promotional rate of $150/mo for the first year for the first 40 members! Family rates are available for second/third family members, etc. Reach out to us at or (919) 391-7815 for anything!


4 Rounds:
3/3 Glute Bridge w/Reach
2/2 TGU into Z-Press
10 min cap


Bodyweight Carry for 400m
(Carry items totaling your bodyweight for 400m. You may use any number of items [people count as items], and carry them any way you choose [At or above height of the knee], and make as many trips as necessary to deliver the required weight a distance of 400m. You may choose to carry the same item continually, but it must be placed on the ground and picked up again at each 400m leg of your journey. EXAMPLE: A 180 pound person has to carry 180 pounds a total of 400m, if he chooses to carry a 60# Kettlebell, then he must carry it 400m 3 times.) 
Advanced - Double Bodyweight
Novice - Half Bodyweight


2 Rounds:
 - 8 Hang Power Cleans
 - 8 Push Press
 - 8 Pullups
 - 8 T2B
 - 8 Dynamic Pushups
 - 8 Burpees
*Reps decrease by 2 each round (reset to 8 reps if you finish)
Rest 5 mins between first and second AMRAPs

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