Saturday, May 6, 2017


Bring your calculators, some spreadsheets, and a whole lot of chips for this one!

In teams of 2 to 3, choose a weight:

With one person working at a time, each team must "Ground-To-Overhead" lift their chosen weight. You may choose any weight you want and any style of lift you want. Teammates may use different weights/bars. Weights may also be changed as the workout progresses. The only thing that matters is that the target total weight is lifted.

Example breakdowns of weights/reps to achieve 2,000lbs.
Weight Reps
50 40
75 27
100 20
115 22
135 19
155 17
185 14
205 13
225 12

Each team will have 15 minutes to complete their lifts. Once done, teams will have 10 mins to complete as many burpee pullups as possible. Only one person may work at a time.

Your team's score is the time it took you to complete the lifts MINUS one second for each burpee pullup performed within the 10 minutes.