Monday, April 10, 2017


Happy Sunday everyone.  For those of you with crazy schedules who have trouble making healthy meals to help fuel your gainz and progress that you make in the gym, Homeward is starting a weekly blog series just for you!  Every Friday there will be a new post with a recipe and/or tips on how to pack in those protein macro-nutrients.  The recipes will be posted here: Foodie Friday.

3 Rounds:
6 Countermovement Jumps
6 Banded Lat pull down
10 KB swings

Snatch Position 1 Practice
-- Pulls from Position 1
-- Jumping bar overhead from Pos. 1
-- Can add weight if comfortable

2 High Hang Power Snatch + Ride Down

Rest 4

3 Deadlift
10 Wall Ball

CrossFit Homeward