Saturday, February 4, 2017


We are monitoring all the different moving parts of the water emergency situation in Chapel Hill. University Place is set to make a determination on operating hours for Saturday, 2/4, by 7am. We will let you know via all the usual channels as soon as we know whether or not we will be open for classes.

Team WOD

In teams of 2, complete the following:

This workout runs like a flow-chart. At every 3-minute mark, ask, "Have I completed all reps of 15-12-9?" If yes, repeat same couplet. If no, move to next couplet until all couplets have been completed. 

One Partner working at a time. Switching can only occur at the 3:00 marks. If either partner successfully completes all reps, both partners repeat the couplet. When both partners fail a couplet, move to the next couplet and repeat the process.

 - Thrusters
 - OTB Burpees

 - Power Clean

 - Pullups
 - Ring Dips

 - Pushups
 - Air Squats

Nightmare mode: Go it alone. No rest unless it is earned by finishing early. If the workout concludes before 30:00, rest 5 mins and start over.

Example: Partner 1 does couplet 1 in 2:30, leaving :30 of rest. Partner 2 begins couplet 1 at 3:00. Partner 2 fails to complete all reps of couplet 1. However, since partner 1 was successful, both partners repeat couplet 1 again.

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