Saturday, December 10, 2016


Remember that we are hosting our first monthly Durability Seminar with Sarah Yeo this coming Sunday, December 11, from 11:30am-1:00pm. The seminar costs $20 for Drop-Ins but is completely FREE for our members. See you there!

Team WOD


You have to keep the bus moving or we'll all die! Unfortunately, the battery is dead on the bus, so you'll have to supply power with your muscles. Oh, and the bus is quickly filling up with weights for some reason... we need you to toss those out so we can keep our speed up.

In teams of 3, complete the following:
 - 300 Wall balls
 - 3k Burden Run

You may work/rest however you choose.

An Airdyne or Rower must be active at all times during the workout. You may switch freely and at any time, but our battery needs an alternating current... so options cannot be repeated. e.g. If you change with a partner who is rowing, you must bike. Also, you'll have to overlap your transition so the battery doesn't lose juice. If the appropriate device isn't available... your partner will just have to hang in there until one opens up.


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