Saturday, November 26, 2016


We will be celebrating our Grand Opening on Saturday, December 3! Come get your sweat on and eat some really good food! Bring your family and friends! The more people the merrier!


4 Rounds:
 - In teams of 4, each athlete does a full lap sled push starting with a single weight plate on the sled. This gives each athlete a 1:3 work:rest ratio.
 - At the end of each complete round, add another plate equal to the original plate onto the sled.


Each athlete completes :90 ME sled push with the 4th round weight on the sled.

In teams of two, complete chipper-style for time:
 - 200 Double Unders (sc. 400 or 600 single unders depending on skill)
 - 150 Wall Balls
 - 100 Pushups
 - 50 Pull-ups

The two parts can be completed in either order, depending on size and space requirements of class.

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