Saturday, November 12, 2016


Hey everyone, don't forget that you can work out for free through until November 15 and that we have a promotional rate of $150/mo for the first year for the first 40 members! Family rates are available for second/third family members, etc. Reach out to us at or (919) 391-7815 for anything!


In teams of 2: 15min to establish 1RM for each of the following lifts:

1A: Back Squat
1B: Deadlift

2A: Shoulder press
2B: Push press

3A: Weighted pullup
3B: Weighted pistol

For each pairing, only one partner will perform each lift. (Ex. If Partner A does back squat, Partner B does Deadlift). Score is the total weight lifted.

Rest 5 mins, then:


AMRAP 8min (Alternating complete rounds):
20 DUs
3 MUs (Scaled: 9 Pullups + 9 Ring Dips)

Rest 5min

AMRAP 10min (synchronized reps):
10 Slam Balls
15 Wall Balls
20 Burpees

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