Tuesday, November 1, 2016


Hey everyone, don't forget that you can work out for free through until November 15 and that we have a promotional rate of $150/mo for the first year for the first 40 members! Family rates are available for second/third family members, etc. Reach out to us at crossfithomeward@gmail.com or (919) 391-7815 for anything!


3 Rounds:
6/6 Glute Bridge w/Reach
6/6 Side lying windmill


Establish 5RM Shoulder Press


Bear Complex
5 sets of 7 Rounds (Ideally, the athlete's hands do not leave the bar at any point during each set of 7 rounds. Rest as needed between sets, within reason.):
 - 1 Power Clean
 - 1 Front Squat
 - 1 Push Press
 - 1 Back Squat
 - 1 Push Press

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