Friday, March 23, 2018

18.5 Warm-Up
~10 mins:

Shoulder Mobilization
- Roll out T-Spine, Delts, Triceps, Biceps, Lats
- LAX ball Pec minor, Rhomboids, Traps (low/moderate pressure)

Toes on box C2B practice
- Use toe assist while standing on box to do full-range C2B movements
- Focus on activation of "Pull" muscles (Biceps, Lats, Rhomboids, etc)

Thoracic extension
- Over foam roller, medball, etc.

General Warm-Up
- Whatever else you want to do to get your body moving
- 18.4 is a "nose to the grindstone" workout -- Do not over work yourself during your warm-up
- Emphasis should be on elevating Heart Rate and warming up squat muscles

10 mins C2B or Thruster Practice

* If no practice needed, use this time to do aditional mobility or work on another skill of your choosing

3 Rounds:
* 12 GHD Situp
* 12 sumo deadlift
* 12 kb swings
400m Run

* Can be done in any order

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

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3 Rounds:
8/8 KB Pull Through
4/4 High Sit

Back Squat 3 x 3 @ 80%

AMRAP 15 mins
15 Power Snatch
15 Burpees
15 OHS
10 Burpees
15 Front Squats
5 Burpees
60 Double Unders

Monday, March 19, 2018

Time Cap 15 mins:
30 TGU
- Light and constant movement
15 TGU - Heavy w/long rests

10 Rounds (15 min cap):
1 MU (3 C2B Pullups)*
3 Curtis P's (1 Curtis P=1 Clean, 1 FR Lunge ea Leg, 1 Push Press)
7 Heavy and High Wall Balls

Recover to 80% before completing.
May stay after class to complete.
Must be done before next class begins metcon.

Shoulder Press 3 x 3 @ 80%


*For speed purposes, scaling option is C2B only. Use band if unable to get full C2B. If C2B is easy but MU is not yet possible, aim for bellybutton-to-bar.

Friday, March 16, 2018

18.4 Warm-Up

Include running drills in your general warm-up, then:

2 Rounds:
4 Jefferson Curls
4/4 Straigh leg lowers
4/4 Hammer Nail Glute mobilization

2 Rounds:
6-10 Hollow Rocks
20-60 DU

2 Rounds:
6 Cat-Cow
6 Wall Slides (Scapular or Serratus)
6 Barbell Snatches (empty Bar)

Warm up to sprint speed, then:

2 Rounds:
Sprint 200m
Rest as needed b/n

Rest as needed

15 mins of Handstand walk or HSPU practice

Front Squat
Burpee Box Jump

Immediate Cashout:
Non-CF OPEN : 30 Ring Dips (Adv. Weighted)

CF OPEN: 30 V-Ups