Strength First

Strength First serves one purpose - use the principles of StrongFirst Kettlebell and powerlifting to make our athletes strong.

Designed and led by Coach Natalie, a StrongFirst Girya Level 1 instructor and USA Powerlifting Club Coach, this kettlebell and barbell intensive class is built to focus on the minutia that may go underserved in a broadly programmed General Physical Preparedness class, but are nonetheless essential for blasting through strength plateaus and barriers.

In Strength First, you will learn:

  • how to properly brace while lifting
  • breathing techniques for maximal lifting and power output
  • how to have complete and total mastery over your kettlebell or barbell
  • how to improve single-sided strength to balance out assymetries
  • powerlifting- and kettlebell-specific warmup routines
  • how to make your mind as ironclad as the weights you lift

Strength First is designed for, and will challenge, all skill levels.