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The focus of our Endurance program is not just aerobic endurance, but also local muscle endurance – which is why you’ll see some larger rep weightlifting and strength pieces in the daily workouts. Local muscle endurance allows you to repeat the same movement (or movements using the same group of muscles) for more reps at a faster cycle rate. 


The goal of the program is to increase both aerobic and metabolic conditioning, not just through long metcons, but also through interval training, allowing for the repetition of efforts for a longer period of time. Longer, lower intensity workouts are definitely important for increasing your ability to work at about 80% effort over long time domains, and there are plenty of these style metcons throughout the program. However, the ability to repeat shorter, higher-effort work also helps to increase metabolic conditioning and ultimately enhances endurance. This program encompasses both muscular and aerobic endurance in order to create a balanced, well-rounded athlete. 

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Chapel Hill Boot Camp

Chapel Hill Boot Camp hosted by CrossFit Homeward is a high intensity, group training program that delivers infinitely scalable programming. Our program is designed to include all fitness levels. Click Here to check out the Chapel Hill Boot Camp website to answer all of you questions! 




Aikido is a fun way to learn effective self-defense in a safe environment. Our instructor, Eric Horlbeck, is a certified 5th Dan Aikido Instructor with Aikido Kokikai International and has been practicing since 1982.

You will learn how to easily protect yourself from strong attackers while improving your awareness and reflexes. Our methods of instruction have been developed for men and women of all ages, body types, and athletic abilities. Make sure to bring your curiosity and some comfortable exercise clothing!

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