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Barbell Club

CFH is proud to offer our members a regularly scheduled Barbell Class.

Programmed by Coach Mitchell, a USAW Level 2 Advanced Sports Performance Coach, these classes develop a lifter's overall strength, as well as placing a heavy emphasis on the requisite technique, balance, and explosive power of the Snatch and Clean & Jerk.

Held three times each week, each session at different times of the day, our athletes have a convenient way to dial in their weightlifting technique regardless of their normal workout schedule. This class is the perfect supplement to regular WODs for those looking to increase their Oly lifts, or as a primary source of programming for those looking to compete in the world of weightlifting.



Regardless of skill level or ability, athletes will be challenged to grow their fitness in a fun, fast-paced atmosphere. With an emphasis on developing balanced strength, athletes will get a great hour-long sweat session in, all while working to progress in body-awareness, stable movement patterns, and comfort within a free-weight environment. The primary implements used are kettlebells, dumbbells, rowers, and your own body-weight!

When? Mon-Fri at 7am

Who can benefit from this program? Pretty much anyone:

People who enjoy a long, tough workout

Athletes with imbalances from one side to another (lots of single-side movements and implements)

Experienced CrossFitters who want to get some work in on movements that will transfer very easily to the requisite coordination, stability, and mobility of the Olympic Lifts

No matter who you are or what you normally do to workout, Endurance is a great program to help you make progress. Whether as your primary fitness regimen or as a complementary piece of your larger picture, the name says it all.

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Chapel Hill Boot Camp

Chapel Hill Boot Camp hosted by CrossFit Homeward is a high intensity, group training program that delivers infinitely scalable programming. Our program is designed to include all fitness levels. Click Here to check out the Chapel Hill Boot Camp website to answer all of you questions! 




Aikido is a fun way to learn effective self-defense in a safe environment. Our instructor, Eric Horlbeck, is a certified 5th Dan Aikido Instructor with Aikido Kokikai International and has been practicing since 1982.

You will learn how to easily protect yourself from strong attackers while improving your awareness and reflexes. Our methods of instruction have been developed for men and women of all ages, body types, and athletic abilities. Make sure to bring your curiosity and some comfortable exercise clothing!

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