Youth Training Approach

Homeward Strength and Conditioning is a generalized program that will help any and all athletes. Throughout training we will evaluate running form, core strength, and address imbalances found in strength and mobility. This will be accomplished by using full body, multi-joint movements that improve stability and mid-line strength that will have a direct translation into improvements in the athlete’s sport.

Developmentally appropriate training is a focus for all parts of Homeward Youth Camps, find out more about what each age group will be focusing on:

  • 3rd-5th grade athletes will be dedicated to running form, agility, core control with a focus on coordination, and having fun while exercising. This age group will be dedicated to solely bodyweight movements.
  • Middle School athletes will focus on proper movement patterns, body awareness and balancing strength and mobility. This camp will use a mixture of bodyweight and weighted movements with dumbbells and kettlebells. Barbells will be introduced if the athlete demonstrate confidence and safe movement ability.
  • High School athletes will focus on injury prevention, strength gains, and mobility. Barbells and Dumbbells will be used under coach observation and guidance.