Introduction to CrossFit

linked material courtesy of CrossFit, Inc.

For many new athletes, CrossFit can seem a bit intimidating and unattainable. Nothing could actually be further from the truth and we want to do our part in changing that perception. CrossFit's infinite scalability allows the same programming to be useful for athletes of all ability levels.


"But coach, how am I going to learn to do all that stuff?"

No worries at all, your CrossFit membership begins with a three-session Foundations course (required for all new CrossFitters) conducted in either one-on-one or very small group sessions. In these sessions, you'll learn the foundational movements upon which we build the rest of our programming. Your coaches will teach you the beginning steps to moving uncommonly well (with virtuosity). After finishing your On-Ramp, you'll be ready to jump into our regularly scheduled CrossFit WODs on any day you choose.


Why Is CrossFit So Expensive?

We are expensive because we invest in our members! We invest in paying our staff (Orange County Living Wage certified), recruiting the most educated staff, and we invest in providing the largest and best facility in the Chapel Hill/Carrboro area. You are not paying for a pile of equipment, you are paying to change your life for the better.

CrossFit also has the potential to become the social highlight of your day, members will spend time before and after class hanging out. Homeward hosts a variety of social events for members to have time to meet outside of the gym. Having a group of like-minded individuals will help drive you to success in achieving your goals.