Our Facility

Our ~6000 square foot facility is located inside University Place, at 201 S Estes Dr, between Franklin St and Fordham Blvd in Chapel Hill, NC.

We recently renovated the existing gym space to optimize its use for our athletes! You will find all of the following at CF Homeward:

  • 24' long pull-up rig (6 squat stations)
  • dedicated lifting platforms
  • lots of rubberized flooring to support large classes
  • over 1000 square feet of synthetic turf
  • a semi-private multipurpose lifting and personal training room
  • a private therapy office
  • two retractable batting cages for youth sports camps

We are proud to offer an enormous amount of space within a premier facility for our athletes to push themselves to new heights in CrossFit, powerlifting, weightlifting, youth sports, and much more!