Essentials is the CF Homeward answer to a bootcamp-style class.

Regardless of skill level or ability, athletes will be challenged to grow their fitness in a fun, fast-paced atmosphere. Without using barbells (but pretty much anything else in the gym, including your own body, is fair game), athletes will get a great hour-long sweat session in, all while working to progress in body-awareness, stable movement patterns, and comfort within a free-weight environment.

Who can benefit from this program? Pretty much anyone:

  • People who enjoy a bootcamp-style workout
  • Athletes with imbalances from one side to another (lots of single-side movements and implements)
  • Experienced CrossFitters who want to get some work in on movements that will transfer very easily to the requisite coordination, stability, and mobility of the Olympic Lifts
  • Anyone who may be curious about what this whole CrossFit thing is about

No matter who you are or what you normally do to workout, Essentials is a great program to help you make progress. Whether as your primary fitness regimen or as a complementary piece of your larger picture, the name says it all.