Currin-Benjamin Baseball and Strength Camps

Sporting the only indoor batting cages in Chapel Hill and 6000sqft of space, CFH is the proud home of Chapel Hill's premier strength and conditioning programs for youth baseball players. The programs, as the name implies, have two major components:

Led by Patrick Currin, the baseball specific portion of the camps consist of "professional and quality instruction to improve performance while maintaining good health and building confidence, body awareness, mental toughness, and dealing with adversity for players of all skill levels and ages."

The strength and conditioning portion, led by CFH's own Donna Benjamin, introduces youths and adolescents to basic strength and conditioning principles. Whether lifting is their main focus or is a complement for other athletic endeavors, our primary focus is proper form on all lifts and movements. This allows them to both perform better and helps prevent many common sports injuries. "Get stronger, perform better, don't get hurt."

Since our young athletes are currently in their active playing seasons, there are no C-B camps currently being offered. Check back to see when the baseball season is over for us to get it all started back up again!