Monday, July 2, 2018

A. Double Unders
Total Reps = Max UB + 25%
Achieve Goal in the least number of sets possible. Rest as needed between UB sets.* This Progression will be on going throughout the next 16 weeks. The purpose is skill development of the double under. The more UB double unders you have, the better. Once you are able to complete the reps completely UB, add 20 rep and continue. You ideally want to earn the ability to "rest" on sets of 100 Double unders during a workout.

B. E3 x 6 sets:
2 Snatch lift offs (to knee)
3 Snatch high pulls
1 x High Hang Snatch

***build over the 6 sets

C. Back Squat
5 Sets of 5 Reps at 10# Heavier

D. 21-15-9:
135/95 lb Front Squat
Toes to Bar

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